Have you heard the new compilation album we’re on? End the Hate Vol.1, all original songs from San Diego based artists against racism. Listen and download for free, www.endthehate.bandcamp.com


Our hype man, roadie and camera man, “Struble” made this awesome video of him hanging with us at at the Holding Company. Check it out here!

Check out this awesome compilation album were on. “End the Hate” Vol. 1. All San Diego based artists lending their latest songs against racism. www.ENDTHEHATE.BANDCAMP.com

We’re back at the Holding Company, September 12th with Skunkdub! Roll out!


Was great to see some skankin’ last night!

Great time @ Beach Punx Fest last night! Cheers to all of our friends in the other bands that killed it!

Our next show! Beach Punx Fest 2 at Winston’s! August 13th.