Tour Dates


 January 8th – Winston’s Beach Club

April 5th – Winston’s Beach Club

April 15th – 710 Beach Club

April 20th – Nug Radio 4/20 Sesh

April 22nd – “Full Grown” Album Listening Party

April 27th – Bloom Farms San Diego Budtender’s Bash

May 17th – Winston’s Beach Club

May 19th – Aztec Brewery

May 29th – 710 Beach Club w/ Bumpin Uglies and Tunnel Vision

June 3rd – Sunset Clipps

June 14th – Mother’s Saloon (Ryan Acoustic)

 July 25th – The Holding Company

August 13th – Winston’s (Beach Punx Fest)

 September 12th – The Holding Company

September 27th – Winston’s Beach Club

October 17th – The Holding Company

October 25th – Winston’s Beach Club

December 5th – The Holding Company


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